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Counseling Services

Arkansas Counseling and Psychodiagnostics provides a variety of counseling services. Our counseling services include; individual therapy, group therapy, school-based community counseling for students and their families, court and legal referrals, employee assistance programs, and career counseling. Initial appointments can be made by calling (870) 230-8217. Please let us know if you require a same day appointment. In some cases, we are able to schedule first time appointments on the same day.

Psychological Services

Our psychological services are available for adults and children of all ages. Some of the psychological services that we provide are; Intelligence Testing, Achievement Testing, Personality Evaluation, Mental Status Evaluations, Clinical Hypnosis, Relaxation and Desensitization, Court and Legal Assessments, and Behavior Intervention Planning.

A Word About Diagnosis

Dr. Weiner, our psychologist,

has over 37 years of experience and a reputation as someone many physicians, parents, and schools turn to “When they absolutely, positively, have to know what’s wrong.”