Arkansas Counseling and Psychodiagnostics, Inc. (ACaP),

a new corporation with home offices located in Arkadelphia, AR,

is pleased to announce that it has assembled an experienced team of caring, talented professionals to provide excellent services for public school and adult/family client bases (i.e., physician and court referrals; nursing homes; hospitals; women’s shelters) in Arkansas. Unlike some companies which, perhaps because they are owned by professional investors who do not hold mental health credentials, have rushed into service provision for overly-broad geographical areas using a loosely-organized group of independent contractors. ACaP does business differently; it is not driven by billable hours. Rather, ACaP is driven by a desire to provide total satisfaction to current client bases. Only when this is assured will ACaP consider expanding to new clients and service areas, and then only in a controlled, measured way.

To do this, ACaP has put together a clinical staff of proven, experienced professionals whom we have trained in the carefully-designed, time-tested style of counseling that made our principals the most sought-after personnel in other companies prior to ACaP’s inception. This professional staff is selected, trained, and continuously monitored in strict accordance with company policies and procedures to assure satisfaction on the part of clientele, oversight bodies, and funding agencies (i.e., Medicaid; ARKids First). It is also important, for both ethical and moral considerations, to point out that, although no company can survive without making some profit, we accept all legitimate referrals regardless of ability to pay. If it turns out that, after considered assessment, any of these clients require services outside our role and scope, then proper referral is made to agencies which can serve them appropriately.

ACaP’s principal officers comprise an administrative core of distinguished healthcare professionals whose backgrounds complement one another like no other service provision team in the State of Arkansas. This team includes a licensed psychologist with over 34 years of experience in providing therapy and psychological evaluations in his clinic (and in over 30 public school districts and mental health facilities around the state); a licensed counselor who has wide experience providing therapy in both inpatient clinical and school-based programs (and with long experience in private industry as well). Current staff also includes an R.N. who is both an experienced therapist and professional case manager. All of our professionals have backgrounds which include not only therapy but also experience in providing psychological services to private industry and court-based/legal referral sources.